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Fairy Tales: Who needs em?

I believe reality is sometimes one of the hardest parts about being human. It’s hard realizing that we live and die. It’s hard realizing we get sick. It’s hard realizing that we are just human. We know it, but realizing it is a whole other story.

Reality is sour. There’s nothing as sweet as fantasy. There’s nothing people would rather read to uplift them than a fairy tale. Right? People don’t pull out a newspaper when they want to drift into a world that’s happy and cheerful do they?

Reality is the pits. People don’t act right in reality. Work isn’t fun in reality. Everyone doesn’t fall in love in reality. Reality is just that, it’s real. It’s all the things we don’t want to believe are true. Nothing like fantasy world.

Fantasy land has happy people. Fantasy land has everyone skipping to work, not skipping work. Fantasy land has loving relationships everywhere you turn. How fun, right?

If you could live in any world which one would it be? Would it be reality or fantasy?

Fantasy does seem great. Happiness, love, prosperity, etc. But if real life was a fantasy, what would I have to look forward to?

You see, the hard part about reality is that it isn’t perfect. Everyone’s not thrilled about everything. Everyone doesn’t do everything with love as their motive. But, because we live in a real world that is so imperfect, we have something to look forward to when we leave it. We have something better than fantasy.

We have an Eternity of Perfection to look forward to. Reality doesn’t hardly seem so bad when I think of that. I can tough out real life knowing that. What’s a lifetime of reality in comparison to Eternity? Who needs a fairy tale when my greatest tale still awaits?

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