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Healthy Reminders

We will discuss health at this year’s D.A.U.G.H.T.E.R.S. Conference. Health is such an important topic because it takes many forms. Health looks different for each person, and how we choose to stay healthy isn’t a one size fits all formula.

I will always recommend a relationship with God first. I am only healthy because my relationship with God is healthy. I can also tell when I’m not doing well healthwise because the Spirit of God allows me to realize it.

However, when it comes to physical health, mental, or emotional, it looks different. Something that keeps me physically aware may not be the thing for you. Mentally and emotionally, I feel better reading and writing. That’s certainly not the case for everyone.

I look forward to this year’s conference as teenage women learn to recognize changes in their behavior. They will learn tips to maintain good health and the ability to recognize what good health looks like for them personally.


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