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You Get No Glory

Satan will not get glory by me complaining. I was under attack and it would have seemed easy to cry and complain. We all know an attack is no joke. It feels continuous and usually is. Who has ever been under attack and witnessed just one blow? No one probably, because when it rains it pours. And as much as I want to cry and complain, I can’t. Why?

First off, I really have no grounds for complaining. God has already won. No matter what doesn’t go my way, God has already taken care of it. Every concern I have, He has already handled. Everything that will take place He has seen and taken care of. As I asked God to show me a verse in the midst of this storm I read this from Isaiah 26:12,

12 Lord, You will establish peace for us, for You have also done all our work for us. 

He has already done the work! He’s already interviewed for that job, He has already sent that promotion, He’s blessing those finances, He has already blessed that ministry. He has done the work! That doesn’t mean that I do nothing, but it does mean that everything is preparing me to meet Him in the work He has already done! Can I get an amen?

Secondly, what am I to complain about? Heaven is my final destination! God has already done the work at Calvary. He has already defeated Satan’s army. He has already saved me! He has already lovingly provided a choice, and I chose Him. I am His. He is my God. And He reigns supreme. And I am His daughter. He is my Savior and my Sacrifice. My Father and my Friend. And His eternal Kingdom is my eternal home. #Winning

Of course there were more reasons, but lastly, I won’t complain because Satan will not get glory from me. No sir, no ma’am. If he wants his kind of praise, he has to try somewhere else. Because God is with me. He knew this storm was coming. He did the work already so that I can come through with Him. And when we get through, Heaven will still await! Hallelujah Thine the Glory!!!!!!!!!

I will see how God is here in the midst with me. He’s in the eye of the storm with me. And if God is glorified by my praise, then who is glorified by my complaining?

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