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Why Wait?

We’re celebrating our anniversary, and apart from happiness, joy, gratitude, and appreciation, I’m asking myself why wait?

Why does it take a specific date for people to celebrate things? Why are people so giving in December when we can be giving year round? Why do we vow to live life to the fullest on our birthdays when every day we can? And why do I really really focus on my husband on our anniversary when every day can be an intentional effort to give him attention?

I’m grateful. God has blessed me with a lot, and that’s so that I can understand that I have Him to thank for it all. But I can’t help but feel like it may be a bit of a slap in the face to thank Him only once a year or once in a while for all that He’s given me.

So the question I have for myself every day is what am I waiting for? Why am I waiting to celebrate life? Why am I waiting to give? Why am I picking and choosing when it’s convenient to value people, especially my husband? Every day people matter. Every day is a great day to give. Every day matters. Let’s not wait for a specific date. Let’s just do it now.

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