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The Flood

Yesterday’s sermon was in reference to Noah and the flood. The sermon used the symbolism of the flood representing sin, and the Ark being the Church.

The Ark was built to close Noah and his family in from the sin that was in the world. And as the Church, it is our job to be a place unlike the world. And in order to stay away from the sin outside we must stay inside the Ark.

Of course this doesn’t mean hide in your church. What it means is that we should be mindful of our lives in Christ. We are to be in the world but not of the world, and the only way to do that is to be and stay in God.

There’s a lot of sin out here. There’s a lot of people doing wrong. And there are people who know it and repent. And there are many who don’t know it. And sadly, there all too many who don’t care.

As a Christian, where I stand is important. How I represent God’s Church is paramount. And the way I have to live is to be of the utmost respect and reverence to God. Where I find myself during the flood matters. I need to be in the Ark. And as true as all of this is, it made me ask myself a question during the sermon.

I am very certain I want to be in the Ark, giving to the Lord’s Church, but truthfully, just how much have I contributed to the flood?

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