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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power. I really don’t understand why people don’t want to be educated. Knowledge is free, therefore knowledge is free power.

It has been said that during slavery, the slave masters wouldn’t feel in true control of their slaves until they had captured their minds. It makes sense. Once you can get a person to believe he or she is or isn’t something then you have impacted them.

A person’s mind is theirs. It’s the one thing that only God and that person know about. Therefore, when we have so many opportunities to put so many new things in our minds, I don’t know why we don’t. I don’t know why people don’t read more. I don’t understand why people don’t study in order to have an educated discussion. And I really don’t understand why people don’t want to know more and learn more.

Everyday I have this nagging feeling that I didn’t learn enough. Daily I struggle with the idea that I spent too much time on meaninglessness when I should’ve been reading. And at night, when I think about my ancestors’ sacrifices for me to learn to read and write, I can’t help but feel like I must do more with it.

This new generation doesn’t get it. They aren’t sure that slavery really happened. They don’t understand fighting for the right to vote for women. And they really don’t get the fact that other countries don’t have the same freedom to educate themselves as we do.

School is seen as a drag. Learning is viewed as optional. And people’s sacrifices are seen as choices they made on their own, instead of the benefits they have been to us all.

It’s sad that people don’t care more. It’s hurtful to the many lives that fought for the right to learn. And it’s unfortunate that some people will never change. Reading really is fundamental. Knowledge is power. And if people read more, they would know that.

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