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Hear Me Out: Gift Cards

Hear Me Out on this. What if there was a  ministry that “specialized” in gift cards?

I have this vision for people to have a bunch of different gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores, specifically for the homeless. A lot of people want to know how they can help and feel helpless when they see people in need and don’t know how to meet their need. What if there was a very simple way that you could?

The vision I have is that people have several gift cards in their car or on their person and they give as many as they are lead to give to someone in need. I’m not saying they have to be $50 gift cards, but what if you could provide at least one meal? $10 on any fast food gift card would get breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Or what if you donated a certain amount of cards to a shelter?

I know the reasoning behind people not wanting to just give away money. You don’t know if anybody will use money for the reason that you’re giving it to them. I know I certainly haven’t always used it for its intended purpose. The second reason is usually that you just don’t have any money. That’s where the gift card comes in handy.

I pray about this vision. And I ask for your prayers in this vision. If it isn’t God’s, then it is just a good idea. If it is God’s my next question is, what would it be called?

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