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Writing Activity

A friend of yours at the NSA calls. She says that for just one hour, she will let you listen to the conversations of any two people in the world. You accept. Whose conversations do you listen to and what do they say? Transcribe them here.



“Did it go well?”

“Describe well.”

“I mean did you come to an agreement?”

“Yes, but he didn’t seem too thrilled.”


“I mean he didn’t seem mad, but I don’t know. Maybe he was just surprised.”

“Well it is a surprise.”

“He was happy with the news, he just wasn’t pleased with the stipulations is all.”

“Oh, well, he’ll be fine. You know it. Isn’t he like this every time?”

“Ha. Yeah.”

“So, we’re on? It’s a go?!?”

“Most certainly. He’s ready to start now.”


“Yeah. Wait till the media finds out Christian Bale is returning as Batman!”

“Yeah, it’s going to be the biggest one yet, Chris.”

“Thanks Tim. One favor. Do you think you can lock in Johnny as The Riddler?”

Conversations between Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton

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