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Worth It

I was listening to Chris Burns’ song, “Worth It All.” Check it out! And I was thinking about the truth of that, but whether or not I apply it.

I thought, that’s good. God is worth it all, but do I really live that? Or do I treat Him as if He has conditional worth?

To my shame, I can’t help but believe that I live like God is worth it all, as long as He gives me all I want. God, you’re good because things are good for me right now. I love you so much, because I feel so loving right now. You’re worth it all, because I have it all right now…

That”s way too conditional. That’s not a real relationship, and certainly not a relationship to have with my Savior and Heavenly Father. How can we consciously and subconsciously attach conditional worth to our relationship with our Father who loves us unconditionally?

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