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They’re jumping up and down

Not a trace of a frown

Tears are streaming

This is no ordinary meeting

What’s happening is not factual

It’s supernatural

Make no mistake

About what’s taking place

We’re groaning

We’re longing

This is evidence

Of Your Presence

We know its Your breath in our lungs

So we praise You with our tongues

I am here on borrowed breath and borrowed time

How dare I approach You as if its mine

How dare I approach You and pretend

As if without You my life wouldn’t end

How dare I sit with my arms crossed

As if without that cross I wouldn’t be lost

Why would I come and play Church

And devalue what this is worth?

You are worth all of my tears

All of my years

With every ounce of praise

You’re worth hands raised

I can’t be here the same

I can’t leave here unchanged

This is worship, pure and true

This is how we honor You.

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