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When You Could’ve Said No

When You could’ve said no.

I was thinking about Jesus on the cross and the fact that at any time He could’ve said no. At any time God could’ve said,” Ya know, I don’t want this to happen. This just isn’t worth. No, the suffering stops here.”

But He didn’t. Instead He said, “Go. The  suffering must continue to save these people who don’t even know how badly they need it.”

At any moment He could’ve said Chanel’s lies aren’t worth this. Chanel’s impurity isn’t worth this burdensome cross. My final breath isn’t worth Chanel’s disobedience.

But He didn’t.

He carried my burdens and still does. He gave His last breath for my first breath in Eternity. And the thing is, God wouldn’t have it any other way.

God’s love is too great for Him to not show it through grace and mercy. No matter how much we don’t deserve it, He can’t help but give it. It brings me to tears to know that I’m nowhere near worthy of God’s grace and mercy and I will never be.

And I can’t help but bow down to a God that could’ve said no all along, but instead chose to go.

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