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What is Success?

Success. The one thing everyone wants, and still the one thing that can be opinionated. Success is something that is reached depending on who you are and what you believe. It’s amazing that one thing that is so important to us all can be something completely different to us all.

For me, success is changing lives for the better. I am not successful if I have not done something life changing for someone else. For someone else, success could be a six-figure salary. Yet and still, for another person success could be simply not messing up too badly in life.

How is it that success could mean changing lives, having money, or getting by? It’s possible because success is subject to change because people are, because the times are, and because this world changes.

That’s why the question, “what is success?” will be an age-old question. And it will forever have an age-old answer…whatever you want it to be. Success is whatever I want it to be. And no matter what, it’s still something I need to achieve. It’s still something that’s going to take some effort, no matter what.

I believe that wanting to change lives is and should be all our ideas of success or some form of it. But I’ve also learned that I can’t help but respect someone who wants to make money. Making money also takes a persistence that doesn’t always come naturally.

No matter who you are or what you do, the bottom line is this: success is whatever you want it to be. But no matter who you are, it is still something you have to work for and at. What is success without a little and sacrifice and strive?

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