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Settling is a big fear of mine. I’d imagine it is most people’s fear because it is so easy to do. We create habits, and sometimes those habits create complacency, and before you know it that complacency has become settling. And think about it, it didn’t start from doing anything bad. All you were doing was creating a routine.

I love my life. But what I find difficult is not settling into what I think my life should be. I’m meticulous, I’m scheduled, and I don’t like when my schedule is not adhered to. I’ve learned to manage, but if I could have it my way, everything would always happen how I want it to.

Daily, I have to pray to let go. I have to pray to not settle into a job because I need one. I have to pray to not settle in a relationship because I want one. And I have to pray to not settle in my relationship with God because I at least have one.

In “I Think I Love My Wife” Chris Rock’s character says one of my favorite lines. He says, “My life isn’t about what I want.” That is truly life. And that’s the Christian life in a big sense. Eventually what you want becomes minor compared to what God wants for you. And the plus side is that actually once you have that true relationship with God, what He wants automatically becomes what you want.

So no settling. No complaints about the path I’m going down. Only trusting and adhering to God’s plan. In prayer yesterday, I had this thought: It would be a shame to settle into a life that I was meant to be greater than. And the beauty is that I don’t have to.

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