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Promoting Your Christianity?

I’m surrounded by people who claim to be Christians. On a daily basis we are all much more surrounded by these claims than we really realize. I have people who tell me things aren’t in the Bible, that I hate to say, is “basic” Christian knowledge. It’s Bible 101.

I am all for leading people to Christ and encouraging them. I am not for pretending that this walk is a cake walk. It takes reading, it takes studying, it takes listening, it takes praying, and it takes obedience to all of that.

The Christian life isn’t about lifting your hands up during a song, and praying for people so that you can come back and tell everyone that you did it. It’s about change in your person. It’s about the death of your person to God really. You have to be less and God has to be more in your life.

If you are having an issue with people realizing you are a Christian, it’s for one of two reasons. Either they don’t know God, therefore cannot recognize what it is about you that makes you so different. Or they don’t recognize it because you aren’t living like one.

I don’t need to promote my Christianity, what I need is to live my Christianity. If I have to tell you I’m a Christian, then the story I live needs to be rewritten, because you should be able to tell me why I’m a Christian by how you see me live.

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