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My Love for Family Matters

I really love the show, Family Matters. It is my favorite show of all time. Now, granted Martin is top 10, but Family Matters, it’s the best.

They just don’t make shows like it anymore. It’s really timeless. I’ve been showing my classes a few episodes, and they absolutely love it. It’s the best.

And it’s so inspiring. I feel better every time I watch an episode. Let’s think about it. Jaleel White’s Urkel character was never meant to be a recurring. Now, we called the show Steve Urkel. How can you not be a little bit inspired knowing that?

The show was just wholesome. It was wholesome, it was educational, and it was funny of course. What’s not to like? There are life lessons in the show. They go to church, talk about the pressures of sex, black history, drugs, alcohol, bullying, and so much more.

I just love Family Matters. And I just wanted somebody to know how much. Oh man I wish the cast would read this. That’ll be a bucket list goal.

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