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Misery: The Choice

I’d rather not be miserable. That is one of the most powerful statements and thoughts I’ve ever had. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. Or so it seems…

How often would we be caught up in that job or relationship that we hate if we simply said and believed that statement? I’d rather not be miserable.

Why is this statement so powerful? Because it all depends on you. If you would rather not be miserable, then don’t be. Don’t be miserable.

Recently, I was thinking about how I decided not to play basketball my senior year. Some people who played would talk about how much time it took out of their day, or how they just didn’t feel like playing. I’m looking back on that time and thinking, wow. I would have rather not been miserable than play a sport or do anything else that was going to make misery an option in my life.

Today, I still need that mindset. I need to not want misery to be an option in my life because it’s not. There will never be a need for misery or its company. And as soon as we realize that, the sooner we will stop welcoming it.

If I don’t want to be miserable, I simply will not do anything that might make me miserable. It’s not rocket science, it’s mindset. When you have a mindset that happiness is your goal, then anything that isn’t going to help you achieve it is not relevant.

If you would rather not be miserable, what do you need to not do in your life?

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