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Last and First Second

Death is hard to deal with. Hearing that someone I went to school with passed recently, and still thinking about my aunt’s passing, my heart has been heavy. I mean, it’s just not easy. It’s not easy if you know someone is dying. It’s not easy when someone dies unexpectedly. Death just isn’t easy.

But do you know what makes it easier to handle? It sure helps to know that someone was saved. And granted, we don’t know what their last breath was like on the earth. Someone might accept Christ as their Savior in those last seconds.

I know that my aunt knew the Lord. I know that my grandmother knew the Lord. And because I knew that, it was easier to handle their passing than it would’ve been had I not known.

As a reminder, God put this in my heart. And I urge anyone who doesn’t know Jesus as their Savior to not leave their house without knowing. Don’t even leave your bed without knowing Him. Just try him. Please.

To be saved is to know that my last second here on earth would lead to my next second in Eternity with God. It’s to know that my last breath of earthly oxygen will result in my first breath of Heavenly air. There is no substitute for that certainty.

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