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What inspires you? I’m not talking about motivating you. I’m talking about that thing inside of you that stirs. What really gets you going?

I’m all for motivation. I believe that motivation makes you want to move. I think when you’re motivated you want to be active. You want to be involved in something meaningful.

But when I’m inspired… When I’m inspired it’s different. When I’m inspired I’m motivated to move. I feel when I’m inspired. There’s something that happens inside of me. There’s something that says moving isn’t enough. It’s time to feel too.

I can’t explain the power of emotions. To feel moved is different than just being moved. Anything that has the ability to affect your mind and emotions is stronger than anything that can affect your body. I think that what affects you inside is what inspires you on the inside and outside.

So tell me, what inspires you? What stirs you deep within? What touches you without physically touching you? And when you are touched, are you moved to act? If so, consider yourself inspired.

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