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I am often amazed when I think about my great grandmother. She will be 91 soon, and obviously that’s amazing. And she’s a healthy 91. She has a great memory, she knows exactly who everyone is, and she can tell you about her childhood as well as the latest news if she needs to. She’s doing good. She’s a sure example that whatever they did when she was younger worked, seeing as the newer generations aren’t living that long, but generational differences I will save for another day.

One of the things that most impresses me about my great grandmother’s life is that she has lived through so much history. She’s seen women have more rights. She’s seen the first biracial president. She’s seen a woman run for president. She’s even seen her great great grandson and how much personality he has at only two years of age.

History. She’s lived it in almost every since that we tend to think of the word. And it’s so interesting to think that there were probably days that she had to give up her bus seat, and now she has a bus that comes to her house and picks her up. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to live the reality that you had always hoped and prayed.

And maybe she didn’t pray for it for herself, but for her children or her grandchildren. It must feel pretty good to not only see them live out that reality, but live it out right there with them. And that, I must say, is pretty cool.

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