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Focus Shift

It really is necessary to shift our focus. The more we focus on the bad, the more bad there seems to be. Just like when I focus on more good, I find it hard to find the bad.

Now, it’s not like I don’t notice bad things. What happens is simply that I don’t dwell on the bad things so much.

To me, the only way to have this positive, lasting shift is to focus on how good God is. Let’s try.

1. Today was a rough day, but I’m alive. This could become, I’m alive, so today made me stronger.

2. The kids were wild today. Or maybe, I’m so thankful for active, healthy kids.

3. I wish these dishes and clothes were washed. It’s nice to know that if I ask my husband, he’d be willing to wash them. (The latter is the hard one for me. We don’t like to have to ask or tell them do we ladies? That’s on us, not them.)

But I think you get the point. Choose to see God, even when it doesn’t look good. Choose to believe that God can work it out, because He can. And when we allow that shift in perception, something extraordinary happens.

In fact, when our focus shifts, prayer requests become praise reports.

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