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The best meal I ever ate on a vacation…

I don’t vacation a lot. But I’d have to say, as unexpected as I know this will be, is that Jamaica had good fries. The resort home we stayed at had a bungalow restaurant on the beach. And man, they had some good fries. I know right? Fries. In Jamaica, is that the best I can do? But seriously, they had good fries.

And honestly, when I played AAU basketball, we ordered a pizza in Florida. It looked like the ones you see on TV. And tasted great. Very easily one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. And you could ask anyone who was there and they would agree. Trust me. Besides, pizza is usually already pretty tasty. This was just extra pretty tasty. Ha ha.

Your cat (or dog) has a Twitter fee. What are its first three tweets?

Meow meow meow, like the cat food commercials. LOL. 

I’m better than a dog. I only meow when necessary. 

Homeward Bound is my favorite movie. 

Obviously, my cat would have a sense of humor.

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