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Bag of Bagels

I’m going to be honest. I have been super excited about a bag of bagels. First off, I craved them and they certainly have hit the spot. Blueberry ones to be exact. And let’s face it, we all know what’s it like to crave something and be disappointed once we get it.

Secondly, I had 7 bagels in a bag that was only supposed to have 6. Yeah, I know. It’s kind of like… cool..? Even I laugh at myself when I think of how excited I have been about it. But I can’t help but see an underlying message somewhere in it all.

I told my cousin the Lord really is blessing me because I had that extra bagel. And he just looked at me and said, “Really, Chanel?” And instead of thinking it was ridiculous, I said, “Actually, yeah. Because if I wanted a 7th bagel I would have had to buy another bag for that one extra (which, if I’m being really honest I can’t afford to do anyway).”

The Bible says in everything give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18). And in my lesson of joy, I think God was saying you can be happy about an extra bagel. Because if you can be that excited about something so simple then wait until you can see what I can really do.

Could I be reading too far into this? Yes. But I most certainly would rather be joyful in small things than joyless altogether. God, send healing, send the perfect job, send financial blessings, but even if you just send an extra bagel, I’m good with that too.

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