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You Matter

The feeling of inadequacy is very prevalent in our society today. And what’s sad is that sometimes it feel like no one is doing anything about it.

Kids are going through their lives feeling like they don’t matter. They have a feeling like they don’t serve any purpose. And the clincher is that they have parents who feel the same way, not only about them, but about themselves as well.

I believe that everyone feels a little inadequate at some point. You don’t always feel like that company needs you. You don’t always feel like you can give what that relationship requires. You don’t always think that you are the best fit for something. It’s hard.

And there’s one thing I want people to understand about my blog. Everything that I say on it is as much for me as it is for my readers. And all I can say is that we all matter.

We must always be mindful that everything we do matters. We matter for so much more than people can actually see. We matter because God made us. And He made us to matter for Him. Don’t ever allow yourself to be convinced of otherwise. Not by circumstances, not by others, and not even by yourself.

The truth is, those people and those things just don’t know how much you matter, and sometimes you don’t either.

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