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Why Me?

Why me? Isn’t that a million dollar question? Why me? I’ve found myself asking that before. I’ve probably said it more than I want to admit it. In fact, I have said it more than I want to admit it.

Yesterday, as I was praying, something happened. It’s happened before, but I definitely needed a reminder. Why is it so easy to ask “why me,” when it’s not what I want? When it’s something negative, I can’t wait to wonder why it has to be happening to me. When it’s positive do I do the same thing? Not hardly.

I’m so quick to wonder why something is happening when I don’t like it. But, what about asking “why me” when it’s positive? Why so much favor on my life? What have I done to deserve it? Nothing. Why bless me so much God?

My prayer is that from now on my “why” is for all that is good that is happening. No more why am I going through this when I am blessed to get to the point He is taking me to. I won’t keep asking God why things are happening to me when I can ask God why things are happening for me. From now on, “why me” is going to mean “wow, me!”

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