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Why Me?!??!???

I woke up and every part of me worked.

My fingers worked. Eyes could see. Ears could hear.

And I planned for them too.

But why?

What made me so special that God decided I deserved another shot at today? And not just another shot at it, but an opportunity to enjoy today with all my faculties working. I just don’t understand it, and I don’t think I want to. It’s all the more beautiful to me because I’m not sure why and can’t fully grasp the why.

I don’t have to secretly read my Bible or secretly pray. I don’t have to dig through the trash for food. My biggest complaint throughout the day is being cold, and even then I just turn on the heat.

Why me?

If we spent more time asking why we have what we do have, then I doubt we would feel so obligated to complain about what we don’t have. If we spent more time wondering why we were blessed with the salary we do have, we’d spend less time feeling entitled to the one we want. If we spent more time asking why we have the car we do have, we’d spend less time complaining about it. And if we spent more time thankful for the family we do have, we’d probably spend less time complaining about them as well.

We might still be in prayer for these things, but not complaining about what we already have. We have what we have, and everything that we have isn’t a necessity. Things aren’t necessities because you feel like you can’t live without them. And just because we feel like we should have certain things doesn’t mean we ought to demean the things we do have that we already may not deserve.

I guess I’ve realized that God didn’t give me what I couldn’t handle. And yes, that means obstacles, but we forget that it can mean some blessings. Why do I want the Mercedes when I won’t clean my Kia? Why should I have the 100k salary when I’ve mismanaged 10k? And why do I want the man of God without being the woman of God?

So, everyday, it is officially my job to do all that I can to honor God in the opportunity of having something. God wouldn’t allow me so much opportunity if He didn’t have so much promise built up for me. And though I don’t deserve it, though I can never earn it, I sure am glad for it.

And although I don’t understand the why, I sure am glad that it is.

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