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Why I Said Yes

Well, I reckon it’s time to talk about my engagement now. It wasn’t part of the plan! Not yet at least. We aren’t even close to the plan in my mind. The plan is out the window now!

Why did I say yes, if it wasn’t in the plan? The short version.

I said yes, because the most attractive thing about me to him is my relationship with God. He loves and supports the relationship I have with God. And I’m not talking about, the support that’s like “oh good for you.” I’m talking about the support that’s like “oh, I WANT that TOO!”

Secondly, I said yes, because he looks at me like I’m the best thing ever. Not just his best thing, but the best thing in every way. He looks at me like I’m the best looking girl, the funniest girl, the smartest girl, the complete and total full package. He looks at me like “I’m every woman!” He looks at me like I am the only one in any room. And he treats me like it.

Thirdly, I said yes, because he has loved me at what I believe to be one of my worst selves. He thinks that I am amazing like this! And if I could somehow find a way to improve myself, he would be rendered speechless (and he’s not that person)!

Lastly, I said yes, simply because I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t imagine not saying yes to a man that admires me, adores me, and appreciates everything there is about me.

If you read my blog or know me, you know that I am very planned and I always do my best to stick to it. And honestly, I think a small part of me said yes because I had a plan, and he and love said to heck with it!

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