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When You’ve Done All You Can…

I could only imagine how much God would reveal to me if I were really still. And then again I couldn’t. He shares some really amazing things when I focus on Him and Him alone. None of me would be able to contain it all.

This thought in itself made me smile. A lot of times people say, ”Well, I’ve done all I could.”

I’ve said it. I’ve done all I could do. I’ve done all I know to do. As if I’m so mighty to make things work because I did something.

And I love that God is God. Because what He said to me is… that’s the point. You’re getting it! When you’ve done all you can do you get it, because you can’t do it all. You can’t do anymore. But I can.

When we realize we are powerless to altering situations in life, whether that’s a relationship, job, or ailment, we have to always remember who is powerful. And we have to remain mindful that it’s only when we’ve given it our all and it’s still not enough, that that’s God’s way of saying, now you understand who I am.

You call me Almighty, but you don’t feel my might until you realize you are powerless. And now that you’re there, I’m here as I’ve always been. Willing and ready to use my power to change not just the situation, but you too.

When we’ve done all we can do, God says did you let me try?

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