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What If

What if I made no one smile today

What if I never gave up my own way

What if all the tears were my cause

From a moment when I paused

In an opportunity that I gave up

To share that suffering cup

For the moment I had to give

A friend in need, looking for motivation to live

What if today ends

And all I did was spend

Time focusing on my smile

And not going the extra mile

What if I only cared about my tears

And ignored everyone else’s fears

What if I only focused on me

And stopped focusing on we

What if today, every chance

Was an opportunity to bring on a new dance

What if today was going to be the day

That you had available to say

“I was down and out

And you inquired about

What was happening to me today

And you responded in a special way

And all I wanted to do was say, ‘Thank you’

For making me yellow when I was feeling blue.”

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