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Uniqueness – Your Gift

We all have an opportunity to do something great in this world. No matter how many writers there are in the world, no one writes like you. No matter how many of anything there are in a world, no one can do it quite like you can.

How did we get to a point when we started to belittle our own uniqueness? When I visit other people’s blogs and websites, and read their books, I let doubt creep in from time to time. I wonder why I’m taking up so much Cyberspace when so many other people are filling it? Then I remember, I’m me!

There’s nothing wrong with saying there’s something special about me. Even though I don’t have clue as to what it is sometimes, others still see it. That’s amazing that when I see nothing, someone else can see something. It’s even more amazing that God could create such a unique species.

My little cousin asked me to name 10 things that were impossible. We could only come up with maybe a handful (teleportation, mind-reading, time travel). I was utterly amazed. Of impossibilities, we could only come up with some! We all have that much potential! That should be exciting!

It’s empowering to both be different and similar. It’s great that I write, like other people do, but it’s even better that only I can write like me. Face it, God made us so special and unique that even if we all had the same gift, we would each give it differently.

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