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Ungodly Leadership

It’s really sad, but this is a truth that I have found here. I’m just riding down the road thinking about people and feelings and racism and emotions and flags and so forth.

When it comes to our government, I do believe there are some Christian people in leadership roles. I believe there are some Christian Democrats and Republicans and Independents out there. I truly believe that. But the whole of them are not.

Unfortunately, it seems that the people who have the most power are the ones that seem to be the most ungodly. And as much as we would love to believe that people will do what’s right and all that, what we have to understand is that what we’ve done is wholeheartedly and with the best of intentions, looked to ungodly people to make godly decisions. It is an accident on our part, but it’s still true.

They are not going to do that. Period. As Christians we don’t even always make the decisions that we are supposed to make, so I know these ungodly people are not going to make godly decisions. And they’re not going to want to make godly decisions.

It’s something we have to pray about and something we have to understand, and it is quite unfortunate that this is where we are, but it’s true. Ungodly people are not going to make God-based decisions. Period.

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