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Triumphant Entry and Exit

Support rarely comes at the time you really need it. It comes before you take the stand or after you take it. Even though it’s not OK, it’s OK because you have to know that’s how it’s going to be. I advise you to get prepared now. Get ready for the lonely road. Be happy when it’s over, but be prepared for it all now.

God showed me something interesting when I read Jesus’ Triumphant Entry the other day. The people flocked to him. They laid out their clothes and branches on the road for Him to walk across. They lifted Him up, praising Him because of who they thought He was or who they wanted Him to be. They weren’t so concerned with the fact that He was the Savior as much as they were with the fact that they wanted someone new to praise. They didn’t have a heart for Him.

Mark 11:8 Many in the crowd spread their garments on the road ahead of him, and others spread leafy branches they had cut in the fields.

They lifted Him up and later lifted Him up. They lifted Him up with words, but in the end lifted Him up by their actions. The people’s praises they lifted were not nearly as paramount as the cross they lifted Him on.

Luke 23: 20-24 Pilate argued with them, because he wanted to release Jesus. But they kept shouting, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” For the third time he demanded, “Why? What crime has he committed? I have found no reason to sentence him to death. So I will have him flogged, and then I will release him.” But the mob shouted louder and louder, demanding that Jesus be crucified, and their voices prevailed. So Pilate sentenced Jesus to die as they demanded.

What they said was insignificant when you think about what they did. Thankfully, God’s exit was just as important as His entry.

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