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The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Inspired by John 14:6

Are you saying I need help

How dare you

I’m saying without Me

You don’t know what’s true

Oh, so now I’m lost

Now I’m confused

And if I trust You

I have nothing to lose?

You are the Way

The Truth and the Life

But why do I need You

I stay away from strife

So I’m not good enough

That’s what You’re telling me

And I have to follow You

In order to be free

How do I know it will work

It sounds berserk

All I need is in You?

Believe in You is what I have to do

How do I know

You won’t let me down

I’ve been left before

Left to drown

Have faith

Trust Me

I’ll be with You

You’ll see

See Me

Not like mankind

Receive Me

Have peace of mind

I am the Way

So follow Me

You won’t get lost

If you let this be

I am the Truth

So believe

That knowing Me

Will you set you free

 I am the Life

So live

Through Me

Truly live, eternally

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