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The Simple Truth

Sometimes you read or say something that’s really simple, but when you need it it’s really profound. Isn’t that interesting? The power of words is real.

Think about it. It doesn’t matter how simple it is, when you need it, you need it. It’s more impactful when that need is met. That statement in itself is simple yet profound. “Sometimes you hear, say, or read something that’s really simple, but when you really need it it’s really profound.

Simplicity is a good thing. I enjoy simplicity. I love it. We want life to be too complex. We can’t just read, we’ve got to watch TV. We can’t just watch TV, we’ve got to record it. We can’t just sit through the commercials, we have to turn or fast forward through them. We are in a constant rush and we don’t want things to be simple. We can’t just do the simple things anymore, but why?

There’s nothing wrong with complexity. I’m not saying that. But in a world of complexity, I can’t help but discover the fact that we’ve done our best to rid our lives of simplicity. If it’s simple, it must not be worth it, when in all actuality we forget that things were simple before they were ever truly complex.

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