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The Secret Weapon in Life

I think any person’s “secret weapon” is always the other person’s feeling.

If we didn’t feel we wouldn’t care, obviously. If I didn’t feel like I had given that job all that I had, it wouldn’t matter what happened with it. If I didn’t feel so strongly about that relationship, it wouldn’t matter that it’s over.

Our feelings are our strength and weakness. Because we feel so strongly we have the motivation to strive towards certain things. But, it is also because we feel so strongly that so many things get to us in such a powerful way.

Think about it. A lot of the time our feelings are hurt. And that’s what sucks. I can think of some hurtful things from different types of relationships. Hurtful words, behaviors that shouldn’t have been surprising since that was the pattern, and so forth, and even though I wasn’t surprised by the things these people said or did anymore, it hurt. It simply hurt because my feelings were hurt.

I just think it’s important for people to take into consideration others’ feelings. If you have the ability to affect someone’s feelings, you have tapped into your secret weapon. Talk about a person’s kryptonite!

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