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The Present

I always want to be grateful. I think gratitude challenges are wonderful. We see them the most in November. I know they annoy some people, but the meaning behind them is good. The meaning is to take a break and think about what you have in your life to be grateful for.

Should gratitude be an everyday thing? Absolutely. Do we spend most days at a pause thinking about what we are grateful for? Probably not.

However, I think that November is a great time to think of how thankful we really should be every day. People aren’t going to change just because of this, but hopefully people will see the reality of how necessary it is to be grateful everyday of life.

Every day should be the gratitude challenge. My life is significantly better when my focus is on the things I am grateful for, big and small.

This is the thing, if I’m busy focusing on everything I’m grateful for, I hardly have time to focus on what I don’t have. And hopefully I won’t make time to focus on what I don’t have either.

Be grateful today. Be grateful for today. Be grateful every day, because every day is a gift sent our way. How do you choose to unwrap it?

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