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The Only One

Inspired by Luke 17:11-19

Am I the only one That sees what has been done I’ve been healed I need to go back and kneel

He said go show yourself to the priest But I need to go back and say thank you at least I guess I’ll be the only one then Because there were ten

I have to go back I’ve been healed that’s a fact And I may never see him again To not say thank you feels like a sin

I’ve got to hurry No time to worry I’ve got to see Jesus Who had mercy on us

Jesus I’m back. Praise God, I’ve been healed! And although I’m a Samaritan I promise you I will Get down on my knees and on my face To say thank you for your loving grace

And Jesus said didn’t I heal ten where are the other nine? And as he recognized me, this foreigner, I could tell He was divine Stand up and go, your faith has made you well And as He said this on the inside I could already tell

I don’t know about you, I don’t know about them But when Jesus healed me, my future was no longer grim I thought I needed healing on the outside But healing came my way it was in me Christ chose to abide

So don’t worry about being like the nine Trying not to get behind Just be like the one Who never leaves thanks undone.

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