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The Lesson of Choice

I’ve made the wrong choice before. I’ve waited to be obedient. I’ve held on when I should have never even touched. So I speak from experience when I say you can be a lesson. Being the lesson can be painful and pathetic. Being the lesson when you could have been the blessing is a sad reality. You literally become sad when you get a glimpse of what God had planned for you.

But thank the Lord He doesn’t consider us damaged goods. He sees our mistakes as recyclable. He sees the lesson we were and uses it to teach us so that we can then help others. I have never deserved for God to turn my lesson into a blessing, but He has. And what that does is further display why He is God and we are not.

God can use you to be either the lesson or the blessing. And it’s your choice. And the beauty in your choice is that you don’t even have to make the wrong choice. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you have already made the best choice first off. And the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom to make the right choices from now on, but don’t forget it is still a choice you have to make.

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