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The Gift of Education

I’m grateful to be able to learn. When I think about people who gave their life for me to be able to read and write it almost brings tears to my eyes. I’m so thankful that education was important. I’m thankful that being denied the right to learn was important enough for so many to risk their lives.

And now, I teach. The very type of person that people years ago didn’t want to have the right to learn, now has the right to teach school. And I have the right to teach to students who don’t look like me or think like me.

I actually have the right to influence a group of people. And my goal is to not take that right for granted. My goal is to appreciate them and this opportunity to do so. My goal is to understand that I have been gifted and trusted with this ability to teach and the opportunity to teach. I will not cause anyone to regret their trust in me.

I will be grateful for the gift of learning. God gave me a brain, others sacrificed their lives, and I intend to always make their sacrifice worthwhile. What are you doing with others’ sacrifices?

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