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The Divine Carpenter

One thought I’ve had recently was how hard it had to have been for Jesus to be a carpenter. Not because of the workload, although we all know that can be hard. But I think it might have been difficult because of the daily reminders He received.

How would you like for your profession to remind you of the brutal sacrifice you had to make?

This, for me, is just another example of Christ’s love for me. Every day, his job required him to take a hammer to a nail, nailing boards of wood together.

Do we for one second think that He never had the thought of the nails that would pierce His own perfect hands one day? Do we not think that for once, with the impact of His swing, He didn’t think of the impact of someone else’s as they nailed Him to a cross?

I wonder if He ever accidentally hit his finger or thumb. Or if that splinter of wood in his hand was all too irritating until He thought about what was to come.

Christ the Savior knew what He had to do. But Jesus the man lived with the reminders of what was to come.

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