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The Beatitudes

I started something with The Beatitudes a few months ago. Like always, why not share it with my blog family?

Matthew 5:3 “God blesses those who realize their need for Him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”

God does a work that only He can do when we realize all we have is His. And that we have nothing without His allowing us to have something.

It seems hard to believe that the Kingdom of Heaven, God’s domain, is mine, if I just acknowledge that I owe it all to Him. But, pride gets in the way a lot. We actually have a tougher time than we like to admit to. That when we have to say and believe we are nothing, it pulls and tugs us to want to believe otherwise.

But, Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall.”

As I die to self daily, this begins to feel even more like a no brainer than before. Simply because it is.


Acknowledging my nothingness and need for God=Eternity in Heaven.

There’s no debate there.

A lot of times we can sum things up in three words.

Heaven or Hell?

Is your pride and independence from God worth a lifetime and eternity from Him?

Not. Hardly.

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