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I am currently teaching at a school. Was it my plan? Absolutely not. I had never intended on teaching at any school. Maybe an after school program or two, but teaching, no. Yet, here I am… Funny, huh?

People always tell you that you don’t know God’s plan. And you don’t always know, that is true. I’m definitely not sure how He’s going to use this in my life, but I can rest assured that He will use it.

It’s funny to me. I can dread being a teacher. I can pray another path is very near. But I can also be thankful for this job and opportunity right now. I can go ahead and rejoice now instead of wishing that I did later on.

I have been motivated by this thought recently: Many of us have become the teachers they didn’t want us to have. What does that mean exactly?

What it means is that our ancestors were not given the right to be taught. They didn’t have the right to read and write, and now we are teachers. There was a time they weren’t allowed to learn and now we are the teachers. Whenever I think about the sacrifice someone made for me to be able to complain about what I do, I can’t seem to muster up those complaints anymore…

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