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Something Eternal

My my my… I read Romans 2:5-8 (Holman CSB) today. Here it is:

But because of your hardness and unrepentant heart you are storing up wrath for yourself in the day of wrath, when God’s righteous judgment is revealed. He will repay each one according to his works: eternal life to those who by patiently doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality; but wrath and indignation to those who are self-seeking and disobey the truth, but are obeying unrighteousness;

Does that not make your jaw drop? People are storing up something for eternity! I’m not talking about here on earth and building our estate. No, this isn’t like cushioning your bank account. This is eternal!

And I get excited! I’m good. The good that God does through me is being stored up for eternal rewards. He is doing all the work (Isaiah 26:12 Holman CSB) and I get the eternal benefits!

As a Christian, I think about that and I can always get excited. Christians think about the eternal treasure we are storing up. And it’s great. But today, I read about the ungodly.

Verse 5 really stood out to me because I never think about those aren’t godly storing up anything. I mean, I know there’s Heaven or Hell and we choose, but usually, I don’t think about too much after that. But the Word says, they are storing up wrath for themselves when God’s righteous judgment is revealed.

It’s one thing to make a mistake. It’s one thing to do wrong. But to store up wrongs and unrighteousness is something else. It’s something eternal. There is a choice to be made and we can all make the right one. Eternal life or eternal wrath, you decide.

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