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I saw a challenge or something about “someday.” So I figured why not try it today. I gave myself about 20 minutes to play with it. I may have written wedding vows and didn’t even know it.


It’ll be nothing but a dream

Someday it’ll be better than it seems


We’ll have did just enough

Someday our success will be just as tough


We’ll be worry free

Someday it won’t have mattered to me

One day…

We’ll look and find

One day we’ll bind

One day…

It will all come true

One day everything will no longer be new

One day…

Worrying will be a thing of the past

One day wanting will never last

On that day…

I’ll have given it my all

On that day that will save us from a fall

On that day…

I’ll remember it and laugh

On that day you’ll never understand the half

On that day…

Worries will be all gone

On that day happiness will be brought on


One day

On that day


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