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You know what I believe? I believe that God will have you do something for someone else, just so you can think about it on down the line.

Now, I don’t mean this in an arrogant or conceited way. But I do believe that there are times when we do something for other people with a genuine, loving motive. And I do believe that we have memories of those times so that we can think of them. And once we think of them, I believe we are supposed to reach out to them.

It’s amazing that God can work in so many different wonderful ways. With that knowledge, we have to be aware of the fact that we really don’t know all the ways He will use any situation. However, I do believe that God never overlooks the simple ways.

It’s simple to think of something you did, and be reminded of the person you did it for. And it’s simple to take that memory and use it as an opportunity to reach out to them. And maybe it’s not anything you did, but just a memory you shared with someone. Use it as an opportunity to say, do you remember when… And how are things by the way?

You will simply make someone’s day if you do that.

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