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I’ve never understood riots. I’ve never understood the purpose of them. And I just don’t get how it makes sense to riot when you’re gathering in the name of violence that you believe should have never occurred.

Like, if I’m upset about police brutality, it doesn’t make sense for me to riot. How does it make sense for me to be upset about violent injustice, and then react the same way? There is no logic there.

I am all for protests when they are peaceful. I am all for protests when people know what they’re protesting. But lately, ignorance has taken the forefront to peace. People are protesting, people are rioting, and they don’t even know why. They just want to be mad.

Police brutality is wrong. No arguments there. But violent protests are not right and neither is looting.

When I watch people fighting and looting and cursing on national television, I am completely confused. I just don’t understand it at all. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re convincing the world that you’re not a savage by fighting. I’m sure people are looking at you on TV, feeling bad for you while you loot in your own community.

What makes sense about stealing from your own community stores? Where is the validity in robbing and breaking windows of the very people who work so hard to serve your community? Why are people searching for justice through unjust means?

Martin Luther King, Jr. worked way too hard for this. My ancestors worked too much to see it all go down the drain. And that’s where it’s heading.

It’s so sad.

I’m not saying racism does not play a part in a lot of this. Racism is just old fashioned hate. But, in these 26 years of my life, I must say that I’ve seen just as many black lives and black owned business destroyed by black people.

Is there no crime in that?

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