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When the enemy tries to remind you of your sin, remember God’s grace.

The enemy brought something to my attention recently during prayer. But God gave me a new way to respond to it. Usually, I beat myself up, I kick myself for something I did wrong. I usually neglect the truth that God has forgiven me for that sin.

I’ve confessed it. I’ve repented. I’ve received His fogiveness. But usually, I slump back into feeling bad about it again.

This time, though. This time was different.

This time, my response was this:

“You know what? I did do that. That was really bad. But man, what a reminder of God’s grace and mercy and love and forgiveness and patience. That He would allow me to confess that, and repent, and receive His forgiveness is such a great reminder of His love for me. Thank you for reminding me how much God loves me that He is willing to forgive me, even for that.

Thank You God for Your love, Your grace, Your mercy, Your goodness, and Your forgiveness. I needed to be reminded of it today. God You are good.”

Remember God’s love for you today, it’ll change your whole outlook.

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