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Racism is Dead…

Go back to Africa

I’ve heard them say

But I’m not from there

I wouldn’t even know the way.

Go to wherever you came from

Well OK.

I’m from Georgia

It’s just around the way.

But racism is dead

Didn’t you get the memo?

Well, actually, no.

Just how far across the world did that memo go?

Did it travel through white America

Or to the desert sands?

Did it reach the African villages

Or even your native lands?

If racism is dead

Then what’s that status I read,

Send them all back

Just because they’re black.

America for the Americans

But who does that include?

Just because of the dash in African-American

Doesn’t mean you should exclude.

Racism isn’t dead my friend

Unfortunately, it’s very much alive

And the scary part is

It’s not even the racists who hide.

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