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Racism: Are you Kidding Me?!

I get just as tired of hearing racial “discussions” and stereotypes as much as I do of dealing with racist situations. I hate racism, from every angle I hate it. I’m not one of those annoying people who believe racism is over because “we’ve come so far.” Racism is alive and well and will forever be.

I am, however, one of those people that gets easily annoyed when people feel like using a person’s race is automatically going to make a situation more descriptive or accurate. I’m just saying, racism is too prevalent as is, why give it any more precedence than it already has?

There’s an overload of racism in this world without so many non-racist people giving in to stereotypical conversations and comments. The war with racism is going to go on without us making mountains out of molehills. When there are people who really believe that other races are superior and that people should be enslaved based on their skin color alone, who cares that a white celebrity dressed up like their favorite black character from a show? The war is bigger than that. Who cares that black men marry white women? It happens.

I admit, in the past I’ve seen black men committing to white women and assumed they were both committing to one another just because of their race. I’ve done some black men bashing. But, why? Happiness has no color to it. It just is. These people found happiness with someone that just happened to be a different race. It doesn’t always have to be a racial thing.

Do I think things happen to President Obama because he’s half-black? Yes. Do I think things happen to President Obama because of his own decisions as a human being? Yes I do.

Newsflash, knowing that some white people used to be slave owners won’t stop me from finding white men attractive, nor will it stop me from having white friends. Should the fact that some black people owned slaves get in the way of a person seeing me for who I am?

Do I think races think differently? Yes I do. It just so happens that our cultures have morphed a certain mindset that is different from one another. I’ve had friends of different races, and we’ve had many of discussions in which we disagreed. Do I think it’s because either one of us is racist? No. I just think that even though we grew up in the same town, we grew up with different cultural mindsets. That doesn’t have to be a race issue. It’s a cultural difference. It’s no different than saying men and women have completely different mindsets, because Lord knows we do!

I’m just offended that with poverty in this world, abuse taking place every day, and homeless people in the street, we yield even more ignorance to the notion that everything is race related. When we’re all here for a lifetime and are to use it to prepare for Eternity with God, who cares that I’m black and you’re white! Are you kidding me?

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