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Purpose. Is finding your purpose hard to find? I think we like to believe it is. We like to believe that God hasn’t shown us our “job” yet. But is that really true?

What if you do know your purpose? Do you feel better? Are you as lost?

It’s my belief that our purpose stares us in the face. Yes, it seems hard because usually when we find it, it’s almost like we run from it. Well, to say “we” is unfair, so I will focus on me.

I prayed to know my calling. What God showed me was that I should be involved with the youth. And now that I’m a little older, now that I’ve had a few jobs doing that, I have to honestly say I’m wondering is that still my calling? I’ve begun to wonder was that my calling for that time or is it for my lifetime?

We all have a purpose. If you’re alive, you have a purpose. I guess I’m just wondering how do I allow myself to get so sidetracked when I know all of this? How do I have one bad experience and question them all? How can I be so wrong?

Knowing that God has given me a purpose makes everything automatically worthwhile. No matter how bad the job, experience, pay, etc. So the real question is, why have I not treated it like it was enough?

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