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No Space Between Us

Filthy Dirty Tainted Unclean People aren’t being mean That’s just how you describe me Due to my leprosy

An outcast You must pass Look but don’t touch And even then you still may see far too much

And I can’t blame them After all, how could I? In fact, the very sight of myself sometimes me cry

And I heard Jesus is coming But I could never get near And if I did Leprosy is something all would fear

But if He’ll let me I’ll surely come The risk to see Him Is better than another part going numb

I’ll go see Him But I might not know what to say I’ll know what to do though And I want everyone out of my way

Jesus, I’m here And before you I kneel And I know that if You want to That I can be healed

And I heard Jesus say Be healed for this is My way And then He gave me a command But honestly I did not let it stand

He told me not to tell anyone But keeping it in made me come undone Forgive me Jesus, that I didn’t obey I couldn’t keep this to myself, not for another day

I had to tell someone about the Man they call Jesus I had to tell someone about the One who left no space between us.

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